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The foldable stand which aims to connect the space and people was created after several workshops with local citizens.

We came up with the idea to create a space where people communicate differently by installing this stand in the stark space. In order to connect the production area and consumers, we used cedars produced in Hinohara Village, the icon of the area which locates in the upper district of Tama River. This stand would extend as you like by connecting the parts which allow you to use them for any purpose at any place.

Until now, many people's desire to create has been limited by the issues of lack of knowledge or technology.
Using EMARF, people can combine and customize design templates gathered from designers around the world and give form to their desire to create, even without expert knowledge or technique.
Even things that seem impossible to create on their own, they truly can make them instead of something made somewhere by someone else.
EMARF removes the limitations on the desire to create through its network and technology, allowing anyone to create freely.